Centre for Theoretical Chemistry and Physics
at Massey University (Albany Campus), New Zealand

Raduban Group

The Raduban group conducts research on optical materials, solid-state vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) laser materials, ultraviolet (UV) lasers and amplifiers, and spectroscopy of rare earth-doped crystal and glass scintillators.

Dr Marilou Cadatal-Raduban

BSc (Appl. Phys.), MSc (Phys.), PhD (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan)
Institute of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
Watson Science Laboratories, Student Central
Massey University (Albany Campus)
Private Bag 102904, North Shore Mail Centre, 0745 Auckland
New Zealand
Phone: +64-9-414 0800 ext. 43507
Direct Dial: +64-9-2136507
Email: M.Raduban@massey.ac.nz



Materials Science and Laser Physics:
– First principles calculation of the electronic and optical properties of fluorine-based compounds as solid-state VUV laser materials
– Band gap manipulation through high-pressure applications
– Controlling optical properties by modulating the composition ratios of mixed crystals
– Modelling of UV laser and amplifier systems


VUV Detectors and Scintillators
– Modelling of filterless VUV detectors with controllable spectral response
– Development of fast-response scintillators based on wide band gap crystals
– Understanding the mechanisms behind fast scintillation decay times
– Spectroscopy of rare earth-doped crystal and glass scintillators


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