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Office of Development and Alumni

The office is part of Massey University's External Relations group. It has three main inter-related functions:

1. The development and stewardship of relationships with sectors external to Massey University, leading to positive benefits for the University.

2. The procurement of income both as money and in-kind from sources other than EFTS-related. The income may take the form of sponsorships, scholarships, legacies, grants, other donations, products and services.

3. The growth and management of Massey University's Alumni networks and support services. These include:

(a) the administration of a sophisticated database

(b) the provision of a range of memorabilia and apparel for purchase

(c) the organisation of events and reunions, and

(d) the development of alumni activities and chapters, both nationally and internationally.

Students' Associations

Massey University Students' Association Federation Inc.

All students, except those specifically exempted, are currently required by the Education Amendment Act 2000 to become student members of the students' association representing students at the University where the student is enrolled, which is the Massey University Students' Association Federation Inc. Student members of the Federation will automatically, by virtue of the rules of the relevant Association and the Federation Constitution, become members of one of the federated students' associations most appropriate to the student.

The Federation consists of the following students' associations represent Massey University Internal Students by campus: Albany Students' Association Inc.(ASA), Massey University Students' Association of Palmerston North Inc.(MUSA), and Massey at Wellington Students Association Inc.(MAWSA). All Extramural Students are members of the Extramural Students' Society Inc (EXMSS). Māori students may also be members of one of the following Massey University Māori Students' Roopu: Manawatahi (Palmerston North), Te Waka O Nga Akonga Māori Inc. (Albany), or Te Atawhai (Wellington).

The three main roles of students' associations are representation, advocacy and service provision. The education and welfare of students is of paramount concern to the associations. They advocate on behalf of students at all levels throughout the University. The Federation represents students at University Council level and general students' associations advocate for students at Academic Board and Academic Committee level, at the five College Boards and regional sub-committees.

The students' associations maintain an advocacy service to assist students regarding disciplinary and grievance processes. Three of the associations are affiliated to the New Zealand University Students' Association Inc., and two of the Māori Students' Roopu are affiliated to the national Māori university students' association, Te Mana Akonga Inc.

The internal students' associations are affiliated to University Sport New Zealand Inc. Teams representing Massey at each campus take part in the University Games and individuals are selected for New Zealand Universities' teams. Massey University Blues are awarded annually to outstanding sportspersons who have represented their Association while studying.

The students' associations organise, fund and coordinate many student activities. These include Orientation, capping, Winterfest, political/social/educational campaigns, partial funding of affiliated clubs and societies, publications, broadcasting of student radio stations, accommodation services, recreation centres, Student Job Search, student shop, the social and events centres and lunchtime entertainment (services and activities differ from campus to campus.)

The affairs of each students' association are administered by an Executive committee responsible to the Association. The Executive for the subsequent year is elected during the second semester. For the Wellington campus, the President and Senior Vice-President for the Association are elected for the subsequent year and the remaining Executive members are elected in the year of their term. Details of fees and exemptions are given in the table of fees. The students' associations offices are open daily for information and advice.

Extramural Students' Society (Inc.)

The Massey University Extramural Students' Society Inc. (EXMSS) is the Students' Association for extramural students. EXMSS provides a communication link between extramural students and the University; a professional and confidential advocacy service; a support network of EXMSS regional representatives throughout New Zealand and overseas; special benefits to members; and a representation structure to provide an extramural voice on University decision-making bodies.

EXMSS communicates with members in a variety of ways. Four issues of Off Campus magazine are dispatched to all members each year. The magazine provides a point of unity for extramural students, a forum for exchange of ideas and opinions, and information. Extramural students who have Internet and email access can also subscribe to an email list. This is an electronic forum achieving similar goals to the magazine with faster feedback capabilities. About fifty EXMSS regional representatives hold area meetings of extramural students each year so that students can meet each other and form study groups if they wish. EXMSS staff attend area meetings of students. Information packs are distributed to students attending these meetings and are available on request to all other students. The EXMSS office has a freephone number available to extramural students (0508 544 331) or visit their website at:

The EXMSS Advocate is trained in the University grievance procedures and offers a professional advocacy service exclusive to extramural students. All students' complaints and grievances are treated in confidence. EXMSS provides a support network of EXMSS regional representatives throughout the country and overseas. EXMSS regional representatives are experienced extramural students who have volunteered to provide support, encouragement, information and advice to other students. They hold the roll of the students in their area and help put students in touch with each other. They also assist students who wish to form local study groups. The complete list of EXMSS regional representatives and their contact details is published in each issue of Off Campus magazine.

EXMSS provides special benefits to members including a free EXMSS shuttlebus service that meets extramural students travelling by plane, bus or train to the Palmerston North campus for contact courses in April (Semester One courses), June/July (Double Semester courses) and September (Semester Two courses). EXMSS offers services during contact courses including a help desk, socials and entertainment; study assistance grants for extramural students having difficulty meeting the costs of study; EXMSS scholarships awarded annually; a graduation dinner held exclusively for extramural graduates; and commercial student discounts available to extramural students showing their Massey University identification card.

EXMSS provides a representation structure so that the extramural point of view is voiced on University decision-making bodies. The EXMSS President, elected every two years by the membership, is the official spokesperson on extramural student issues. EXMSS undertakes research to keep abreast of the extramural student viewpoint. Extramural student representatives monitor the operations of the University and keep a check on issues of quality relating to teaching and learning. The EXMSS President publicly comments on Government tertiary education policies and how policies impact on extramural students.

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