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College of Education


Undergraduate and Honours Degrees

The Bachelor of Education
The Bachelor of Education (Adult Education)
The Bachelor of Education (Secondary Teaching)
The Bachelor of Education (Teaching)
Te Aho Tatairangi
The Bachelor of Speech and Language Therapy
The Bachelor of Education with Honours
The Bachelor of Education (Teaching) with Honours

Masters Degrees

The Master of Counselling
The Master of Education
The Master of Educational Administration
The Master of Educational Psychology
The Master of Educational Studies
The Master of Literacy Education

Postgraduate Diplomas

The Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling
The Postgraduate Diploma in Education
The Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Psychology
The Postgraduate Diploma in Evaluation
The Postgraduate Diploma in Literacy Education

Postgraduate Certificates

The Postgraduate Certificate in Education
The Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Psychology
The Postgraduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching

Graduate Diplomas

The Graduate Diploma in Adult Learning and Teaching
The Graduate Diploma in Education
The Graduate Diploma in Subject Studies for Teachers
The Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Education)
The Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Primary)
The Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary)


The Diploma in Adult Education

Undergraduate Certificates

The Certificate in Adult Education
The Certificate in Counselling Theory
The Certificate in Early Years Education
The Certificate in Human Development
The Certificate for Teaching English as an Additional Language


The Certificate of Completion, Raukura
The Certificate for Teacher Aides

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