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Administrative and Support Services

Commercial Operations and Events

Palmerston North Campus

General Manager

Denis Jenkins

Events & Community Relations

Events Management  

2000 Kaye Connor, DipBusStud, CertEventMgmt

2003 Nicola Martin, BRM Lincoln

Conference Centre

Conference Manager

Sarah Siebert

Conference Co-ordinator

2000 Diane Crow

Institute of Rugby

Acting Administration Manager

Michelle Pearce


2002 Anita Baker

Facilities Co-ordinator

2005 Mr Maurice Brown



Denis Jenkins

Function Co-ordinator (Day Functions)

2005 Lobke Eriha

Function Co-ordinator (Night/Weekend Functions)

Glenn London

Executive Chef

Sean Kereama


Katherine Bary

Communications and Marketing

Communications and Marketing Director

2001 Rachel Donald, BBS

Marketing Manager Palmerston North

2005 Sarah Vining, BBS

Marketing Coordinator

1997 Bonita Anderson

Marketing Manager Auckland

2006 Jan O'Connor-Brown, BC AUT

Marketing Coordinator Wellington

2005  Lisa Darlington

Marketing Analyst

2005 Carmel Wackrow, BA, DipGrad Otago

Communications Manager

2006 James Gardiner

Senior Communications Advisor

1996  Diane Billing

Māori Communications Coordinator

2005  Makere Edwards, BA, PGDip Māori & Management Te Wananga o Raukawa, Dip Maori Art & Design Te Wananga o Raukawa, Cert Journalism Waiariki Polytechnic

Manager Editorial

1999 Malcolm Wood

Communications Advisors

2002 Stephanie Gray, BA

2004 Patrick Morgan

2002 Helen Vause

Massey News Editor

2005 Graeme Beal, BA

Web Content Manager

2006 Craig de Beer, B.Com(Hons) Rand Afrikaans

Web Communications Coordinator

2000 David Wiltshire, BBS


1994 Louise Cameron

Development and Alumni

Director Development and Alumni

2001  Michael Freeman, BA(Hons), DipBusAdm, DipTchg

Manager Alumni Relations

2006  Leanne Fecser, GradDipBusStuds

Office Administrator

2003 Karen Greer

Data Administrator

2002 Kerry Shippam

Project Analyst Massey University Foundation

2005  Virginia Jamieson

Centre for University Preparation and English Language Studies


Acting Director

1993 Andrea Flavel, MA, DipTESL Well.

Business Development Manager

2002 Jacqui Hofmann, BA Well.

PA to the Director

1999 Kokila Patel, BA Well.

Albany Campus

Regional Manager

2004 Gregory Tong, BA Well., MA Macq., DipTESOL

Programme Co-ordinators

2003  Pamela Resnick, BA Auck., PGDipSLT

2001 Linus Treefoot, BA Stanford, DipTchg, DipSLT

Senior English Language Teacher

2003  Rosie Wallis, MA(Hons) Waik., MA(Hons) Auck., PGDipSLT, RSA Camb., CTEFLA

English Language Teachers

2003 Pamela Gordon, BA Auck., Dip Tchg, CertTESOL

2003 Diana Hibbert, MPhil Auck., DipBIA, Dip Tchg Auck., DipTESL

2004 Margaret Jones, BEd, TTC

2003 Vanessa Manalo, BA Auck., BVA Auck., PGDipLT Auck.

2003  Delwyn Seixas, BA Auck., PGDip (Appling) Qld., CertTESOL, TEFL.

Senior Regional Administrator

2003 Kirsty Nankervis

Accommodation and Student Support Advisor

2001 Margaret Czurajewski

Palmerston North Campus

Programme Co-ordinators

1999 Donna Bliss, BA Auck., DipTEFLA Cairo

2002  Diane Denton, BA, Dip Tchg, CertTEFLA, PGDipSLT

2002 Briar Hamilton, BA Auck., Dip Tchg, DipSLT

2001 Sharon O'Sullivan, BEd, Dip Tchg, DipSLT

1996 Helen Thomson, MA Wgtn., PGDipSLT PN, CertTEFLA Auck.

Senior English Language Teachers

2001 Jennie Gleeson, BA, Dip Tchg, PGDipSLT

1995 Joanne Grant, BA, DipSLT

2003 Dianne Haist, BA Toronto, MEd Toronto, DipSLT

2003  Robert O'Connor, BA, Dip Tchg, DipTESL, CertTEFLA

English Language Teachers

2003 Brett Alcock, BA, Dip Drama, CertTESOL, DipTESOL 2001 Rowena Errington BEd, MEd, CertEd, CertTESOL, CELTA, PGDipSLT

2002 Fay Farley, MSc, Dip Tchg, BD, PGDipSLT

2001 Jill O'Brien, BEd, DipTchg, PGDipSLT

2002 Glenice Saunders, BEd, MA, DipHum, CertTESOL

Senior Regional Administrator

2002 Lynette Lee, Dip Tchg WP

Administrator Group Courses

2002 Julie Earnshaw

Student Support Advisor - Accommodation and Welfare

2001 Carole Sorsby, DipCouns, NZIM Business Communication

Accommodation Advisors

1994 Peri Leader, RGON

2003 Janet Baird, DipCouns

Wellington Campus

Regional Manager

2002 Harry Verhagen, MA, PG TESOL

Programme Co-ordinators

1971 Masako Crawford, MA, Cert. Tchg English Shinshu

1998 Elizabeth Morrison, BA, MSc (TESOL), DipTchg, Dip Bus Studs

2004 Anne-Marie Ngan, DipTESOL, TTC

Senior English Language Teachers

2002 James Prior, MA Well., DipTESOL, DipHort

English Language Teachers

2003 Natasha Goga, MA (AppLing), BSc, CertTESOL, Dip Social Science

2003 Hana Craig, BCA, Dip. Japanese Studies, CELTA

2001 Jane Kitchenman, BA, DipTchg, Dip German Munich

2003 Nick Roelants, MA, DipTchg, Cert TESOL

2004 Christina Smith, BA, CertTESOL, PGDipSLT

1996 Shona Watson, BA, DipTESL, Certificate in Photography, OCESOL Examiner

Student Support Advisor

2004 Diana Grime

Regional Facilities Management

Palmerston North Campus

Regional Registrar - Facilities Management

2005 Paul Compton, BSc(Hons) Westminster, MPINZ, MRICS

Personal Assistant

2000 Jenny Harris

Manager - Capital Development Projects (Palmerston North & Wellington)

2005 Keith Harvey, ANZIQS

Utilities Manager - Building Control Systems and Compliance

1995 Murray Adams, GradDipBusStuds

Physical Resources Manager

1978 Barry Allport, MBS

Utilities Manager - Electrical

1993 Rick Budd, LCG, HNC, Grad IEIE

Manager - Grounds Section

2006 Gary Mack, HNC, F Inst G (Dip)

Manager - Venue Management

2000 Stewart Davies, QSM, DipBusStud

Utilities Manager - Mechanical

2001 Sean Lynch, BE(Mech) Auck.

Manager - Security/Traffic

1993 Phil Taylor

Operations Manager

2004 David Webb, NZCE(Civil)

Strategic Facilities Management

Palmerston North Campus

Director, Strategic Facilities Management

1993 Joe S. Hollander, JP, FABI, FWAPS, Life FNZIM, LFIBA, MInstD, MSAME, SMIIE, PEng

University Capital Development and Project Manager

Appointment pending

University Physical Resources Manager

1999 Cheryl R. Kent, BApplSc, PGDipBusAdmin(Dispute Resolution)

University Property Management and Systems Manager

2000 Tony Anderson, BBS, MPINZ


1997 Bev Howard

Strategic Finance and Planning Section

Palmerston North Campus


1991 Kerry J. Jacques, BBS, CA

Executive Secretary

2004 Julia Brown

Senior Fund Manager

1978 Howard Wills

Planning Analyst

2006  Jade Zhou

Statistics Officer

Appointment pending

Financial Analyst

2001 Tim Wong, BSc, DipBusStud, PGDipBusAdmin

Finance Operations Section

Palmerston North Campus

Director - Finance Operations

2000 Trevor Sew Hoy, BComm Otago, CA, CMA, FCIS

Chief Accountant

1998 Debbie Bellamy, BBS, MMgt, CA, ACIS

Section Heads

1971 David Bateman, BBS, CA (Procurement and Insurance Manager)

2003 Kathryn Dench, BBS, CA, (Financial Services Accountant)

1999 Bee Choon Neo, FCCA (Systems Accountant)

2003 Don Taylor, BBS, CA, (General Ledger Accountant)

2005 David Zhou, BBS(Acc), GradDipBusStud(InfSys), PGDipProfAcc (Project Accountant)

Accounting Advisers

1999 Keith Hargreaves. BCA Well., CA, ACIS

2003 George McIrvine, ED, BBS, CA

2004 Andrew Ross, BBS, CA

2003 Grant Travis, BBS, CA,

Administrative Assistants

1984 Margaret Donald (Supervisor - Accounts Payable)

1992 Lois Fagan (Supervisor - Accounts Receivable (Students))

1993 Pam J. Greening, BA, DipSocSci (Personal Assistant & Section Secretary)

1993 Ellen McCarten (Supervisor - Treasury Management)

Insurance Officer

1990 Grant Storrier

Graduate Research School

Palmerston North Campus


Professor Ken S. Milne, MAgrSc, PhD Calif., FNZSHS, AHRIH


Jacqueline Koenders

Executive Assistant

Justine Douthett

Graduate Research Officers

Shirley Morris, BA

Heather Scott, NZRN

Adrienne Sparksman

2006 Rachel Irving, BBS

2005 Janene Walter, BBS

Human Resources Section

Palmerston North Campus

Director - Human Resources

2004 June Dallinger, BA

Executive Assistant

1997 Coralie Weller

Manager - Client Services

1987 Alan Wheeler, DipBusStud

Human Resources Advisers

1996 Jan Birmingham (Wellington Campus)

2000 Mark McDonald, BBS

2001 Lauren Williams, BBS

2001 Kylie Brown, BBS

2005 James Black, BBS

2005 Stuart McKie, BA

2004 David Reid, BBS

2004 Miriam Wallace, BA, DipBusStud

2005 Jill Schofield-Coyle (Albany Campus)

Business Analyst

2005 Richard Gibbs, BA(Hons)

Adviser - Employment Relations

2002 Angela Hedgman, BCA

Human Resources Information Systems Team Leader

2005 Geraldine Gulbransen

Manager - Health & Safety

1991 Doug Pringle, BSc, BAgrSc, DipAgrSc

Information Technology Services

Chief Information Officer

1989 Gerrit W Bahlman, MSc Cant., DipTchg

Personal Assistant

Appointment pending

Business Administration Manager

1991 Bill Littlejohn

Administration Officers

1996  Christine Cunningham

1991 Jenni Fennessy

2000 Sonia Hampton


2005  John A. James, BA Well., BSc Well., MBA Well., Dip SocSc

Applications Support Manager

2004 Pat Moody, Dip. MEng.

Applications Development Manager

2003 Charlie Stanners

Applications Programmers (Hokowhitu)

2003 Ashley Barnes, DipBusComp.

1994 Rebecca Baxter, BBS

2006 Steve Frampton

2004 Simon Hardman, BSc(Hons)

1997 Jeff Kelly, BBS

1998 Philippe Limsowtin, BSc

1991 Malcolm Pinfold, BBS, NZCE

2003  Norman Russ, BInfSc

2004 Sen Wu, BEng

Application Support Analysts

2003 Ashley Barnes, DipBusComp

2001 Des Coad

1980 Caroline Cockburn

1990 Ruth Drawneek, BSc(Hons) R'dg.

2004 Moses Kakrada, BAppIS UCOL

2001 Cheng Fung Pun, BInfSc

2005 Bo Sun, BSc(Com Sci), BSc(Maths)

2004 Kevin Simmons, BSc

2005 Rodney Stacey, BAppIS

Infrastructure Assistant Director

1993 Keith Linforth, NDip P.Elizabeth, NHDipEleCEng P.Elizabeth

Project Managers -Infrastructure

1994 Jonathan Godfrey, BSc

2006 Margaret Lea

Appointment pending

Project Manager - Systems

Appointment pending

Infrastructure Support Manager

2002 Craig Collis

Systems Specialist - Administration

2002 Leo Van Geel, MSc Wageningen


1990 John Hayes

1990 Ashby Howitt

Telecommunications Support

1990 Fay McCracken

Systems Engineers

2002 Andrew Steer

2001 Guy Defryn, MCSE

2004 Andrew Hartnell

1995 Cameron Kay, BSc, MCompSc Well.

1997 Cheng Tet Teo, BSc(Hons) Tees., MTech, MIEM(M) Malaysia, PEng(M) Malaysia

2001 Michael Ward, BTech CSE

Systems Engineers Web Architecture

1997 Michael J. Wilson, BSc (Gen), Grad. Dip. IS

Systems Engineer Security

2006 Matthew Wilkins, BSc, MSc(Com Sci), MSc(Maths) British Colombia

Infrastructure Development Engineers

1980 Glen Eustace, BSc(Hons)

1991 John O'Connor, BSc Otago

Network Engineers

1999 Cherry Cherian, BEng Bang.

2001 Iresha Siriwardena, MSc Otago

Project Change Administrator

2006 Tracey Waho

Customer Services

Assistant Director

2004  Linda Goldsmith, BA(Hons) Lough., MSc Wolv.

Teaching Services Manager

1997 Sue Tait, MAgrSc

Lab Team Leader

1998 Hans van der Horst, BEng Amst.

User Support Analysts

2006 Carl Hickton

2006 Adam Mckres

2006 Carey Ong, BA(Hons) York, Canada, PGDip UCOL

2006 Diane Rozmus, BInfSc

Project Managers

2006 Leonard Smit, NDipTech VUT

2002 Simonne LeQuesne

Training Coordinator

1998 Des Clearwater, BAI, TTC

Technical Coordinator - General Teaching Room

1998  Selwyn Cathcart, CRT, RTC, AdvTC Comms & TV CIT

Team Leader/Web Editor

1997 Janet Lam, BA(Hons) UKM

Web Analyst Programmer

2006 Brendon Wildbore, BInfSc

Web Developer

Appointment Pending

Web Integration Analyst

Appointment Pending

Multimedia Developer

1996 Matt Alexander

Help Desk Service Coordinator

1991   Jenny Edwards, BSc(Hons) Leic., MSc Kent

Help Desk Operators

2005 Sean Bowman

1999 Norman Gray

2006 Mary Legg, BHortSci

2003 Nick Medhurst

2006 Wei (Jack) Su

Palmerston North Campus

Regional IT Manager

2001 Bobby Newby, NZCE

Student Computing Administrator

2004 Josie Griffin

User Support Analysts

2005 Naomi Ansley, BAppIS

1974 Ted Drawneek, BSc(Hons), PhD R'dg.

2006 Stuart Fafeita

1999 Colin Leong, BAppIS UCOL

2005 Mark McCarten, BBS

2005 Robert Mooar, Dip Computing

2005 Dean Richards, BSc (Comp Sci.)

1997 Stephen Tate, BSc

2001 Andrew Vile

2002 Colin Young

2002 Susan Young

2004 Bryden Zaloum

IT Assistants Information Commons

2005 Jamie Munn, BICT, CCS, CACU

2006 Natsuki Shimuzu, BInfSci

Regional Technicians

1992 Hugh Davies

2006 Darrin Gosper

2006 Framehein Koteka

2002 Paul Manning

Albany Campus

Regional IT Manager

2003 Barbie Eastwood, NZDip Communications Open Polytechnic NZ, NZIM Open Polytechnic NZ

Administration Officers

2000 Sonya Eastmond, BInfSci, GDipBusStud


2006  Jane England, Dip. Education Nene College, Northhampton (UK)

2001 Ravi Hettarachchi, ACS, NCC

1998 Pravin Kumar, NZCE

2000 Karen Lowe, BInfSci

2005  Gerhard Saayman, BA

2000 Sri Nagappan, BE, BA, CSE, AACS

2005 Arno Vacher

2000 Sri Nagappan, BE, BA, CSE, AACS

Wellington Campus

Regional IT Manager

2005 Francis Hyland

Administration Officer

2005 John Henry

Regional IT Consultants

1993 Gordon Clarke

2001 Ken Elliott

1988 Chris Harris, NZCE

2004  Aleksandar Nikolic, DipCE

1999 Rick Smith

2003 Lie Zhang

ITS Resource Centre

2001 Gareth Gowan, BFA, DipTchg

1982  Annette Harvey, MA Well.

International Office

International Director

1994 Bruce C. Graham, BEd, DipTchg

National Manager, International Marketing & Admissions

Appointment pending

Manager, International Marketing & Recruitment

1995 Roger B. Armstrong, BA(Hons) Well., DipTESL

Manager, International Programmes

2003 Rachel A. Fenton, BBS

Co-ordinator International Programmes

2005  Melissa J. Fuller, BA

International Office Administrator

1984 Marilyn A. Tanner

International Student Admissions (Team Leader)

2001 Colleen A. Andrews

International Student Officer (Admissions)

2001 Anne E. Howard, BBS

2003 Dandan Wang, BCA Well.

2005 Jennifer M.A. Bartleet, BBS

Administrator (International Marketing & Admissions)

Appointment pending

International Student Officer (Administration & Admission Support)

2005 Ai Sakanouchi, PgDip IS IPC


University Librarian

2002 John Redmayne, MA Cant., DipNZLS, FLIANZA

Deputy University Librarian (with responsibility for Palmerston North)

1992 Linda Palmer, BA, DipLib Well.

Associate University Librarian

1982 John Charles, MA Camb., MALib Sheff.

Palmerston North Campus

Turitea Site


University Archivist and Record Manager

2006 Louis Changuion, MA Pret., PGDipMuseumSc Pret.

Collection Services

Collection Manager

1980 Jo-Ann Cowie, MA Auck., DipLib Well.

Collection Services Manager

1998 Mary McKenzie, BA Well., DipNZLS


1983 Helen Cahill, NZLS Cert

1983 Carol Johnson, MA Waik., DipLib Well.

2001 Michael Kozyniak, BA, DipLib Well.

1980 Norah Mosen, MA, NZLS Cert.

2004 Barbara Rainier, BSc Rhodesia, HDipLib Rhodes

College Liaison Services

Head of Section

2003 Jane Brooker, MA, DipLib Well., ALIANZA


1992 Di Barnard, BMus Well., PGDipLib Ealing

2006 Chris Good, BA(Hons) Otago, MA, DipLIS Well.,

2005 Heather Lamond, BA Cant., MLIS Well.

1979 Nicola McCarthy, BA, DipNZLS

2006 Michael Parry, BA Well., MLIS Well.

1982 Bruce White, MA Well., DipNZLS

Digital Services Manager

2006 Tim Darlington, BA Cant., DipLIS Well.


1986 Russell Hewitt, BA Auck., DipLib Well.

2006 Julia Old, BSc New Mexico, MIS Indiana

2004 Tracey Randall, BA(Hons) Birm., MSc Lough

1992 Jennie Woodfield, MA, MALib Wisc.

Distance Library Service

Head of Section

Appointment pending


1986 Joanne Wood, BA, NZLS Cert.

Document Supply Service

Head of Section

1992 Anne Hall, BA(Hons), DipNZLS


1979 Annette Holm, BA(Hons), NZLS Cert

Information Services

Head of Section

1989 Lucy Broadbent, BA Auck., DipLib Well., ALIANZA


1984 Anne Cameron, BEd, DipTchg., NZLS Cert., ALIANZA

1991 Karen Churton, NZLS Cert

1980 Ann Cox, BA(Hons), UCW Aberystwyth, PGDipLibSci CLW

2005 Jeanette de Montalk, BA(Hons), MLIS Well.

2004 Sheeanda Field, BEd, DipTchg

2004 Sheeanda Field, BEd, DipTchg

2002 Brenda Johnson, NZLS Cert, DipILS (L6) Open Poly.

2005 Kpamma Wenman BA. NZLS Cert

2001 Noelene White, BA, DipLib Well.

Kaihautu Māori (Māori Services Manager)

1996 Spencer Lilley, MA Auck., DipLib Well., ALIANZA

Lending Services

Head of Section

2005 Leigh Bryant, NZLS Cert


1986 Janet Darvill, NZLS Cert

Albany Campus

Albany Librarian

1989 Valerie Cohen, BA Car., DipLib Well., ANZLIA

Head of Lending & Document Supply

2003 Amanda Cooper, MA Auck., DipLib Well., DipBusAdmin, ANZLIA

Head of Information & Learning Services

2004 Fiona Henderson, BA Auck., DipNZLS


1989 Rae Gendall, DipILS, Cert Tchg.

1999 Joy Oehlers, BA, MLIS Well.

2005 Jo Price, NZLS Cert

Hokowhitu Site

Hokowhitu Librarian

2006 Elizabeth Chisholm, BA, PGDipLIS Well.


2003 Barbara Blake, BA Well., PGDipHistArt Courtauld, DipLIS

1988 Elizabeth Henry, DipChLit, NZLA Cert

Ruawharo Site

Ruawharo Librarian

1990 Ann Parker, BA, NZLA Cert

Wellington Campus

Wellington Librarian

2001 Guy Reynolds, BA(Hons), DipLib Well.

Head of Lending and Document Supply

1984 Christine Alexander, NZLA Cert


2006 Diana Fehsenfeld, BA Well., MLIS Well.

2005 Kirsty McNeill, BA Well.

1981 Paul Orsman, BA(Hons), DipLib Well.

1996 Elizabeth Smith, BA Cant., DipLib Well.

Massey Contact

Palmerston North Campus


1984 Alan White, BA, PGDip Bus, DipMgt, NZIM

Campus Information Services

Team Leader

1988 Wendy Brinsley, GDipBusStuds

Campus Information Services Officers

2001 Pauline Frings, BA (Finance)

2004 Zhiang Liu, BInfSc, DipCIM

2005 Meredith McKenzie, BBS (Accommodation)

Campus Information Services Assistant

2001 Anna Tonks


1987 Susan Kelland

1992 Lynda Pederson

International Student Support

Team Leader International Student Support (Pastoral Care)

2000 Sylvia Hooker, DipSport & Rec

International Students Officer

1990 Dianne Reilly, BA(Hons), GDipBusStuds

International Students Support Officer (Scholarships)

2002 Susan Flynn, TTC, CertTESOL

Support Officer

2004 Pathmanathan Dhayaharan (Administration)

Albany Campus

Deputy Regional Registrar

1991 Philip Mann, BBS

Assistant Manager

1995 Trish Fleetwood (Careers & Employment)

Team Leader

1999 Pauline Cooper (Scholarships, Budgeting, Bootten)

2004 James Lee, GDip BusStud (International)

Client Service Officers

2002 Tish Greene

2002 Cheryl Megchelse, BA Auck. (International)

2004 Sue Mullin

2004 Nancy Robinson

2004 Joy Zhou, BBS, DipBusComp AUT (International)

Wellington Campus


2001 Janet Stanion, BSc(Hons) Manc.

Client Services Officers

2003 Bob Alagh (International Student Support)

2002 Fatima Coutinho (Cashier)

1996 Judy Midalia (Course and Careers)

2001 Jean Ninness (Reception)

2004 Pamela Riches (Cashier/Reception)

1996 Denise Sayer (Enrolment)

2002 Christine Teiannang (Enrolment)

2002 Cherie Wu (International Student Support)

2003 Lisa Zhang (International Student Support)

Administrative Assistants

2004 Karen Harris

2001 Maria Jacob-Ruhnayat

National Student Administration and Teaching Support

Palmerston North Campus


Appointment Pending

Enrolment Risk Analyst

1997 Kim M. Allan


1995 Tracy Corbett, TDip WP



2001 Toni Janes

Team Leaders

2002 Rachel Carr

2000 Ann Chant

Learning Resources


2003 Wallace Gilbert, MCP

Team Leaders/Officers

1986 Carol Craven (Materials Preparation)

2002 Andrew Gordon (Materials Coordination - Acting)

2001 Rhys Hodge (Assignments/Dispatch)



2005 Hans Zindel, MA(Hons) Cant., B.Ed, TTC

Team Leaders

2004 Mel Barnes, MA Otago (Academic Services)

1987 Raymond Hansen, NZCS (Examinations)

National Student Relations


1987 Patrick A. Sandbrook, BA(Hons), PhD

Senior Administrator

2006 Miranda Carlsson

National Student Information Unit

Manager and Deputy Director NSR

1991 Alison Rowland, BA Well., PGDipCouns.

Information Coordinators

2006 Josephine Fahy, NICBusComp

2001 Alison Hodgson, NICBusComp

2004 Arron Kennard

2006 Hamish Richardson, BBS (Mgmt&Mrkt), P.Grad Hons (Mgmt), Dip Usability, Dip Web Design, Dip Info. Architecture

2002 Fraser Rolfe, BA, DipJourn

2004 Claire Sewell, DipNurse(Comp) WP

National Liaison and Recruitment Unit

Student Liaison Advisers


2001 Robyn Borne, BBS

1995 Deborah J. Buchanan, BA, DipTchg

2003 Clay Hawke, BMD AUT

2003 Sean Strickland


2004 Karen McLaren, GradCertCareerDev. AUT, DipTchg, TTC

Hawke's Bay

1989 Barbara Brookfield, BAgrSc

2004 Kerre Devonport-Ward, BEd, DipTchg

Palmerston North

2001 Brent Costley, MA Cant., DipTchg

2002 Te Ahu Rei, BEd Waik., MPhil Auck.

1993 Trevor Weir, MA Cant., MEdAdmin, GDipBusStud, DipTchg


2006 Guy Pascoe, BSc Cant., Dip Tchg

2006 Jon Rousseau, Med Oregon., BA Vermont


2005 Fiona Hartland, BEd (PE), DipTchg

National Contact Centre

National Manager

2000 Tina Hilliam, NZDipBus, NZIMDipMgt

Information Analyst

2004 Mike Gannaway, BAppIS UCOL

Team Leaders

1996 Andrew Gunn

2005 Vito Ikenasio

2006 Peral Theron

Projects Office


2005 Kevin Argyle, BBS, CA

Project Manager

2002 Carol Kelly, MBS, DipTchg CIT, PMP, PMI

Process Analyst

2002 Leigh Chard

Business Analysts

2005 Andrew Dickson, BBS, BSc

2005 Jo Thomas, BAppIS UCOL

2005 Carmichael Reynolds

2002 Heather Wallace, BIS IPC


2005 Kate Edwards

Research Ethics Office

Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor (Ethics & Equity)

1967 Professor Sylvia Rumball, ONZM, MSc NZ, PhD Auck., FNZIC

Personal Assistant//Ethics Administrator

2003 Patsy Broad

Committee Administrator

1994 Miralie Thomas Vincent

Research Services

Director, Research Management Services

2004 Michael Peters, MA Cant., MRSNZ

PA to Director

2005 Sonya Lyndon

Albany Campus

Research and Development Co-ordinator

2005 Wendy James, PGDipBus Auck.

Palmerston North Campus

Manager, Research Administration

1989  Don Brown

Legal Advisor Research Contracts

2005 Simon Middleton

Contracts Administrator

2004 Leith Hutton, BBS

Research Fund Opportunities Coordinator

2003 Anne-Marie Rowe, BA(Hons) Cant.

Research Centres Coordinator

1992 Catherine Norman, GDipBusStud, NZCS

Research and Development Coordinator

2005  Andrew Baldwin, BSc(Hons), GDipPR&Comm AUT

2005  Nicky Gardner, PGDipBus(Mgmt), MAgrSc, PhD

Research Services Administrators

2006  Debra Creswell

2001  Jayne McQueen, BA(Hons)

2005  Graeme Mitchell, DipBusStud (Accounting) MIT Auckland

2006 Karen Shannon

1996  Felicia Stibbards, BA(Hons) UK, DipBusMgmnt&Admin U.K.

Wellington Campus

Research and Development Co-ordinator

2005  Susan Barrett, BTech (Food)

Training and Development Unit (TDU)


1995 Gordon T. Suddaby, BSc, MEd, PGDipSci Otago, DipTchg


2003 John Howells, BA(Hons), PGDipHRM

2004 Anthony Morrison MA, DipEd, PhD, DipTchg


2005 Duncan O'Hara, BA, PGDipBusAdmin

2006 Fay Patel, MA Stellenbosch, PhD Bowling Green State University, Ohio USA

2003 Glenda Stephenson, DipTchg, ESOL Trinity

1998 Darelle Thomson, BSc, PhD Qld., ADLT

2000 Anna Weatherstone, BA(Hons) Well., DipTchg

Teaching Evaluation (SECAT)

2005  Ema Alter, CPMST Law, Grenoble, LésLEA Rennes, MLEA Sorbonne Nouvelle


1995 Jeanne Purdy

2006 Sarah Cresswell

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