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Honourary Graduates

Honorary Graduates

1964 Dyer, Walter Verran Doctor of Science

    Petersen, George Conrad Doctor of Literature

    Taylor, Norman Hargrave Doctor of Science

1966 Dry, Francis William Doctor of Science

    McMeekan, Campbell Percy Doctor of Science

1968 Candy, Roland Alan OBE Doctor of Science

    Filmer, John Francis Doctor of Science

1971 Hamilton, William Maxwell Doctor of Science

    Tennent, William Blair OBE Doctor of Science

1972 Cooper, Malcolm McGregor CBE Doctor of Science

    Ormond, Sir John Davies Kt BEM Doctor of Science

1976 Hodgson, Eliza Amy Doctor of Science

1977 Friis, Alfred Lawrence Doctor of Science

    Gandar, Hon. Leslie Walter Doctor of Science

    Ojala, Eric Mervyn Doctor of Science

    Peren, Sir Geoffrey Sylvester KBE Doctor of Science

1979 Fitch, Lewis William Newlands CMG Doctor of Science

1981 Talboys, Rt Hon. Brian Edward Doctor of Science

1982 Hellaby, Frederick Reed Alan Doctor of Science

1984 Stewart, Sir Alan KBE Doctor of Science

1985 Johns, Alan Tutton Doctor of Science

1986 Wallace, Lindsay Russell Doctor of Science

1988 Edmond, Lauris Dorothy Doctor of Literature

    Pryor, William Joseph Doctor of Science

1989 Irvine, Clifford Hugh Greenfield Doctor of Science

1990 Graham, Sir James Thompson Doctor of Science

    Kereama, Tukawekai Doctor of Literature

1991 Easton, John Douglas Doctor of Science

    Lockwood, Robert Stewart Doctor of Science

    Peren, Roger Essex Burchall Doctor of Literature

    Ward, Sir Arthur Hugh Doctor of Science

1992 McKenzie, Roy Allan KBE Doctor of Literature

    Merton, Donald Vincent Doctor of Science

1993 Cowley, Joy OBE Doctor of Literature

    Garret, Ephra Doctor of Literature

    Kim, Bok Yong Doctor of Science

    Major, Dame Malvina DBE Doctor of Literature

    Reid, Campbell Doctor of Science

    Weir, Sir Roderick Doctor of Science

1994 Dingley, Joan Majorie Doctor of Science

    Elwood, Brian George Conway Doctor of Literature

    Wiffen, Joan Doctor of Science

1995 Levene David Raymond OBE Doctor of Literature

    Yates, Philip Seabrook Doctor of Science

1996 Low, Kevin William Doctor of Science

    McGredy, Samuel Darragh Doctor of Science

    Waters, Sir Thomas Neil Morris Doctor of Science

    Whiting, Cliff Doctor of Literature

    Williams, John Rolan Doctor of Commerce

1997 Hunter, Jane Doctor of Science

1998 Williams, Hon Justice Hugh Doctor of Literature

1999 Johnson, James Garfield  Doctor of Literature

    Blake, Sir Peter OBE Doctor of Literature

    Houstoun, Michael Doctor of Literature

    Durie, Hon Justice Eddie Doctor of Literature

    Hubbard, Dick  Doctor of Science

2000 Ireland, Kevin  Doctor of Literature

    Reid, Major General Piers Martin, CBE Doctor of Literature

    McIntyre, Air Commodore Stuart, CBE, OBE, DFC Doctor of Commerce

    Oliver, William Hosking, CBE  Doctor of Literature

    Spring, Sir Dryden  Doctor of Science

    Goodman, Sir Patrick  Doctor of Science

2001 Page, Geoffrey  Doctor of Science

    Warrington, Dr Ian  Doctor of Literature

2002 Tindall, Stephen  Doctor of Commerce

    Selwyn, Don Charles Doctor of Literature

    Frampton, Emeritus Professor Alan Russell Doctor of Science

    Scott, Tom Doctor of Literature

    Bolger, James Brendon  Doctor of Literature

    Drawbridge, John Doctor of Literature

    His Majesty King Bhumibo Adulyadej, King of Thailand Doctor of Science

    Hubscher, Peter Doctor of Science

2003 McIlwraith, C. Wayne Doctor of Science

    Reid, Dr John Doctor of Science

    Macmillan, Jock Doctor of Science

    Croxson, Morva Olwyn Doctor of Literature

    Coolahan, Kate Doctor of Literature

2004 Watson, Ian Douglas  Doctor of Science

    Larsen, Warren  Doctor of Science

    McWha, James Alexander  Doctor of Science

2005 Richardson, Elwyn Stuart Doctor of Literature

    Bull, James Doctor of Science

    Baragwanath, Susan Joan Doctor of Literature

    Fox, Rodger Dennis Doctor of Music

2006 Baylis, Geoffrey Laurence Doctor of Literature

    French, John Dunmore Doctor of Literature

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