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Massey Medal Recipients

1990 Rae, Alexander (Al)

1991 Wallace, Julia

1992 Campbell, Ella Orr

1993 Atkinson, Janet Mary (Molly)

    Batt, Richard Dean

    Campbell, Ian Lorne

    Dunmore, John

    Frame, Janet

    Rockell, Winifred Whiteoak (Win)

    Thomson, Keith Westhead

1994 McKegg, Dorothy

    Whitwell, Harold Jeffrey (Pat)

1995 Bennett, John Alexander Lowbridge

    Dearsly, Mervyn Thomas

1996 Gordon, Ian Alistair

    Waters, Joyce Mary

1998 McKenzie, Mina

    Neale, Robert

1999 Hancock, Mervyn

    Stewart, John J.

2000 Sutcliffe, Devon

2002 Matheson, Ian Roderick, QSM

    Simspon, Nola Mary

    Skipworth, Mary Sinclair

75th Anniversary Medals - Presented in 2002 - celebrating Massey University's 75th Anniversary.

    Bargh, Robyn Rangihuia

    Koopman-Boyden, Peggy Gwendoline

    Mason, Fay

    Hapi, Robin Michael

    Wickham, Dr Brian Walter

    Ballard, Russell

    Winterbourn, Professor Christine

    Bassett, Dr Paddy

2003 Findlayson, Ross

2004 Davies, Gordon Churchill

    Wilson Ian Andrew

2005 Rieger, Paul Warrem

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