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Pro Vice-Chancellors and College Staff

College of Business

Pro Vice-Chancellor

1994 Lawrence C. Rose, MA, PhD Texas A&M, FAIBF

Advisor to Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Projects)

1970  Associate Prof. Bruce R. Wilson, BCom Vict., MEcon UNE, DipSheep, FCA, ACIS

Advisor to Pro Vice-Chancellor (International Partnerships and Programmes)

1975  Professor Tom Prebble, MA Auck., PhD Alta., Dip Tchg FNZEAS

Senior Research Leader (Wellington Campus)

1993 Karl B. Pajo, MA, PhD

Business Manager

2006 Tom Quelch

Marketing Manager

2006 Fraser Bell, BCA Well.

Academic Director

1981 Shirley A. Carr, MBS, DipBusAdmin, CA

Academic Director (Graduate Studies and Aviation Programmes)

1981 Glyn B. Jeffrey, BA, MBS

Associate Academic Director

1983 Judy Waldvogel, MA Vict., PGDipSLT, DipTchg

Academic Services Manager

1993 Anne Weir, BSc, MBA, DipTchg

College of Creative Arts

Wellington Campus

Pro Vice-Chancellor

Professor Sally J. Morgan, BA(Hons), Sheff.Hallam, MA, Warw., KASKA, Antwerp

Academic Director

Sue McLaren, BHSc Otago, CertTTchg

Director of Research

Professor Anne Noble, ONZM, MFA

Business Manager

Linette Van Greunen, NatDipDerDesign, MCPA (Arts Mgmt)

Academic Services Manager

Teresa Hartley

College of Education

Pro Vice-Chancellor

1980  James W. Chapman, MA, Well., PhD Alta, DipTchg, FIARLD

Academic Director

1987 Kathleen Vossler, BEd, MEdAdmin, DipTchg

Academic Services Manager

1987 Toni Snowball-Kui

Business Services Manager

2006 Julie Dunlop

Office of Staff Research


1990 Jenny Poskitt, MEdAdmin, PhD, Dip Tchg

Graduate School of Education

Director and Professor of Teacher Education

John O'Neill, BA Nott., MSc CNAA, PhD, PGCE Lanc., DipRSA

School of Teacher Education and Undergraduate Studies


1986  Mary Simpson, MEdAdmin, DEd Penn. State, DipTchg, CertOET Lond.


2006  Johan Barnard, BA P.Elizabeth, BEd P.Elizabeth, HDE

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Pro Vice-Chancellor

Professor Barrie Macdonald, BA(Hons) Well., PhD ANU.

Academic Director

Julie K. Bunnell, BA(Hons), PhD Well.

Academic Services Manager

Patricia J. Barker, GDipBusStud

Regional Directors

Albany Campus

Professor Paul Spoonley, MA Otago, MSc Brist., PhD, DipArts Otago, DipEd Auck.

Wellington Campus

Associate Professor Gillian White, BEd, MA Auck., PhD Tas., DipSocSci, CertAdEd Sur., SCM.MTD Lond., RM

College of Sciences

Pro Vice-Chancellor

Professor Robert D. Anderson, MAgrSc, PhD C'nell, DDA, FNZIAS

Projects & Academic Services Manager

Heather A. Murphy, BSc

International Liaison & Special Projects Adviser

Professor Alex Chu, JP, MAgrSc, PhD, GradDipMgmt W.Aust.

Academic Directors

Albany Campus

Professor Ian S. Maddox, BSc(Hons), PhD Birm.

Palmerston North Campus

Associate Professor Michael J. Hardman, BSc(Hons), PhD Cant.

Wellington Campus

John G. Ruck, BSc(Hons), PhD Well.

Programme Directors

Applied Science

Ewen A. Cameron, MHortSc

Engineering & Technology

Professor Ian S. Maddox, BSc(Hons), PhD Birm.

Engineering Technology

H. Frans Weehuizen, MSc, PhD Cape T.

Information Sciences

Howard P. Edwards, MSc, PhD Cant.

Medical Laboratory Science

Associate Professor Mary F. Nulsen, BSc(Hons) W.Aust., PhD Flin.


Associate Professor Michael J. Hardman, BSc(Hons), PhD Cant.

Veterinary Science

Professor Norman B. Williamson, MVSc Melb., MACVSc, DipACT

Programme Administrators

Albany Campus

Michelle Herbert

Jo Ramsay

Palmerston North Campus

Applied Science

James A. Waaler, BSc(Hons) Bristol (UWE)

Engineering & Technology

Steve S. Noon

Graduate Studies

Kathy A. Hamilton

Science and Information Sciences

Robyn A. Martin

Veterinary Science and Medical Laboratory Science

Susan J. Gribbin

Wellington Campus

M. David Irvine

Student Support

Kai-Arahi Māori Adviser

Nick Roskruge, BHort(Hons), PGDipMāori ResDev, DipHort, CertAdult Ed

Kaitautoko Māori Student Adviser

Marie A. Russell, Grad DipRurStud

School of Engineering and Technology


Bob M. Hodgson, BTech (Hons) Brad., PhD Nott., FIEE, SMIEE, FNZCS, FIPENZ

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