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Research Centres

University Centres

Allan Wilson Centre for Molecular Ecology and Evolution (CoRE)

1967  Michael D. Hendy, BSc(Hons) Well., MSc, PhD New Eng., FTICA, FRSNZ

1966 David Penny, BSc(Hons) NZ, PhD Yale

Centre for Educational Development

2006 Roseanna Bourke, PhD, MEd, PGDipEdPsych

Centre for Functional Genomics

1985 D. Barry Scott, BSc(Hons), PhD Otago

Centre for Maori Health and Development

1996 Chris Cunningham, BSc(Hons), PhD Well.

Centre for Public Health Research

2000 Neil Pearce, PhD

Centre for Social and Health Outcomes Research and Evaluation (SHORE Centre)

2002 Sally Casswell, PhD

Kanuka Grove Centre for Educational Resources

2004 Kathleen Poulsen

Massey Anzode Research Centre

1996 Simon B. Hall, MSc, PhD Auck., MRSC, CChem

Massey University School Administration by Computers (MUSAC)

2001 Brian Pawson, BSc(Hons) Well., DipTchg

Nanomaterials Research Centre

1986 David Officer, BSc(Hons), PhD Well., MNZIC

New Zealand Centre for Small and Medium Enterprise Research

1993 Claire Massey, BA, MBA, PhD

New Zealand Equine Parentage and Animal Genetic Services Centre

1986 Ian L. Anderson, BVSc Syd., MS, PhD Okla., MACVSc

New Zealand Principal and Leadership Centre

2005 Elizabeth Millar

Riddet Centre

1989  Harjinder Singh, MSc(Hons) Ludhiana, PhD Cork, FRSNZ

1983 Paul J. Moughan, BAgrSc(Hons), PhD, DSc, FRSNZ

Sleep Wake Research Centre

2003 Philippa Gander, PhD

College Centres

Advanced Learning Technologies Research Centre

1999  Kinshuk, BE(Hons) Jaipur, MSc, MCAE Strath., PhD Leic.

Animal Welfare Science and Bioethics Centre

1988  Professor David J. Mellor, BSc(Hons) NE, PhD Edin, HonAssocRCVS

Centre for Advanced Plant Biosecurity Studies

1973 Russ W. Tillman, BSc(Hons) Cant., PhD

Centre for Applied Economics and Policy Studies

1971 Allan N Rae, MHortSc, PhD New Eng.

Centre for Banking Studies

1994  David W. L. Tripe, BCA(Hons) Well., MBS, DipBank, FAIBF

Centre for Companion Animal Health

1979 Elizabeth A. Lee, BSc(Hons), BVSc Qld., MACVSc

Centre for Data Mining

2004 Claire Jordan, MSc, PhD Limerick

Centre for Eighteenth-Century Music

2003 Allan Badley, MMus Auck.,PhD Auck.

Centre for Energy Research

1971  Ralph E. H. Sims, MSc(AgrEng) N'cle (UK), CEng, FIAgrE, FIPENZ

Centre for Environmental Technology and Engineering

1993 Andy N. Shilton, MTech(Hons), PhD, MIPENZ

Centre for Ergonomics, Occupational Safety and Health

1995 Stephen J. Legg, BSc(Hons), PhD, FErgS, CNZErg

Centre for Guitar Studies

1991  atthew Marshall, MMus Well., PGRNCM Manc., PGDipMusTchg

Centre for Indigenous Governance and Development

2004 Manuhuia Barcham, BSc, MA Cant.

Centre for Mathematical Modelling

1991  Robert McKibbin, MSc Cant., PhD Auck., FNZMS, MRSNZ

Centre for Mathematics in Industry

2003  Graeme Wake, PhD, DSc Well. Chartered Mathematician UK

Centre for Organisational Excellence Research

1998 R.S. Mann, MSc Warw., PhD Liv.

Centre for Parallel Computing

2000 Chris Messom, MSc, PhD Lough.

Centre for Particle Formulation and Processing

2003  Clive E. Davies, BSc(Hons), PhD, DIC Lond., FIPENZ, FIChemE, FRSNZ

Centre for Postharvest and Refrigeration Research

1985  Don J. Cleland, BTech(Hons), PhD, FIPENZ, FIRHACE, MNZIFST, MASHRAE

Centre for Product Innovation

1995  Aruna Shekar, MA Madr, PhD, CIPENZ, DINZ, PDMA

Centre for Public Policy Evaluation

1978 K. Stuart Birks, BA(Hons) Essex, MSc Lond.

Centre for Research in Analogue and VLSI Microsystem Design

2004 Rezaul Hasan, BSc Bangladesh, MSc NY, PhD Cali.

Centre for Separation Science

1973  David R.K. Harding, BSc(Hons) Cant., PhD Uni West Ont., MNZIC

Centre for Structural Biology

1994  Geoffrey B. Jameson, BSc(Hons), PhD Cant., FNZIC, FRSNZ

Electronic and Communication Design Centre

2005   Richard J. Harris BSc(Hons), PhD Adel, SMIEEE, FIEAust


1986  Roger S. Morris, BVSc Syd., MVSc Melb., PhD R'dg, FACVSc, FAmerCE, FRSNZ

Equine Research New Zealand

1988  Elwyn C. Firth, BVSc, MS Kentucky, PhD Utrecht, DipACVS

Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre

1983 Mike J. Hedley, BSc(Hons) Leeds, PhD

New Zealand Centre for Precision Agriculture

1997 Ian J. Yule, MSc, PhD N'cle (UK), C.Eng

New Zealand Wildlife Health Centre

2002 Brett Gartrell, BVSc(Hons) Syd., PhD Tas., MACVSc

New Zealand Centre for Women and Leadership

1998 Susan Fountaine, MPhil, PhD

1987 Robyn Walker, MBA, PhD

Social Policy Research Centre

1991 Robyn Munford, ONZM, MSW Calg., PhD

Te Au Rangahau: Maori Business Research Centre

2001 Farah Palmer, BPhEd, PhD

Te Mata o te Tau: Academy for Maori Research and Scholarship

1988   Professor Mason H. Durie, CNZM, MB, ChB Otago, DPsych McGill, DLitt, FRANZCP, FRSNZ

The Coastal Marine Research Group

1996 M. Orams, BRP(Hons), MSc Florida Int.Uni., PhD Qld.

The Information Science Research Centre

2000  Klaus-Dieter Schewe, MSc, PhD U.Bonn, Dr.habil TUCottbus

Farms and Associated Research Units


Tim Harvey

Deputy Director

Gareth Evans

Senior Farm Technician

Erin Hutchinson

Office Administrator

Mary Jenkin

No 1 Dairy Farm

Assistant Farm Manager, Kelvin Webb

No 4 Dairy Farm

Farm Manager, Glenn McCallum

Tuapaka Farm

Farm Manager, Phil Brooks

Riverside Farm (Wairarapa)

Senior Farm Manager, Neil Smith

Sheep and Beef Cattle Research Unit (Keeble/Haurongo)

Senior Farm Manager, Byron Taylor

Dairy Cattle Research Unit

Farm Manager, Tania Smith

Dry Stock Unit/Deer Research Unit

Manager, Martin Chesterfield

Intensive Animal Research Unit (SAPU)

Manager, Debbie Chesterfield

Pig Biology Unit

Manager, Kalwyn Pereka

Poultry Research and Feed Processing Unit

Manager, Don Thomas

Pasture and Crops Research Unit

Director, Mark Osborne

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