All around the world, young people are banding together and saying ‘It’s my life - butt out of it’ to tobacco companies.

At our Smokefree Summits in March 2014, Katie from D-MYST (Direct Movement by the Youth Smokefree Team) told us about her group’s street-marches, flash mobs and media coverage in the UK.

(Check out our Facebook page for all the pics of the bands, hiphop crews, and Katie).

Now it’s your turn – and we have money and mentoring to help you get started!

Download the flyer on the right and start brainstorming your ideas for an It’s My Life no-more-tobacco group at your school or in your community. What do you want to achieve? (Getting on TV, saving the lives of loved ones, going viral with an awesome vid?)

Send in your pitch and we’ll pick the best ideas to receive seed funding. Plus we’ll provide mentoring from Massey University experts in social media, marketing, or whatever it is you need to bring your ideas to life.