You may find that facts are a good way to boost the credibility of information provided as part of your entry into the competition – or they might just motivate you as to why this is such an important issue for our country! If you do use facts, make sure you present them in a way that is relevant and meaningful for your audience – i.e. other young people.

Please note: we don't endorse linked pages' accuracy, you will need to fact-check your facts, we just think the pages below are good places to start looking to find info about smoking in New Zealand and youth smoking in particular. Also follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/TeamMyLife for other interesting info from us and other by-youth smokefree advocacy groups right around the globe.

The 'Not our Future' Smoking Facts pages (Also click the links at the left side of that page to go to other useful facts pages on the Not Our Future site.)

The 'Info' at the Smokefree NZ pages

The US youth smokefree site, The Truth

The ASH Surveys and Factsheets – at http://www.ash.org.nz/ (See the Research & Info tab.)

To search for further info or different facts, you could try the library of Tobacco Documents Online, at: http://tobaccodocuments.org/ or see the selected collection of tobacco industry documents at Sourcewatch.org/index.php/Portal:Tobacco or the Legacy collection at Legacy.library.ucsf.edu/

You could also search for articles on tobacco in the news and online both in NZ and globally, for example: "Inside the gates at Big Tobacco's happy place" or "How the tobacco industry built its relationship with Hollywood".