Call for papers

The World Communication Association 

Invites you to join us as we celebrate our 35th Anniversary 

Call for Papers, Panels and Abstracts 

2019 Biennial World Communication Association Conference & the 16th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference of the Association for Business Communication 

8-12, July 2019
Massey University, Wellington, NZ  

Theme: The Global South and North: Communication and Cultural Perspectives 

The global South-North divide has been conceptualized in political, cultural, economic, and developmental terms. The North has traditionally been seen as more economically, technologically, politically, and socially developed as well as more industrialized. But the South has been linked with poverty, disease, political tyranny, and overall lack of development. Meanwhile, thanks to the internet and development of smart phones, the gap between the South and the North seems to have narrowed. Limits of time and space seem to no longer exist. People can now share similar experiences and communicate, no matter where they are. Global citizens believe the global community is where they would like to live, despite the many issues we have to solve. To explore the global issues of today, the WCA opens the 2019 conference to you. The WCA is proudly co-hosting this conference with the Association for Business Communication (ABC), which will be hosting the 16th Asian Pacific regional conference along with the biennial WCA conference.  

Topic Areas: cross cultural communication, culture and education, culture and power, culture and politics, cross border issues, discourse patterns and politeness, education and inequality, education and geopolitics, ethnicity and geopolitics, gender and geopolitics, gender inequality, global culture in transition, global elites and geopolitics, history and culture, immigration and culture, immigration and education, globalisation, social media, public relations, law and culture, linguistics and communication, literature and communication, semiotics of communication, health communication, religion of culture, rhetoric of geopolitics, role of metaphors, proverbs & idioms, organizational communication, and business communication and culture.  

Please submit your abstract (150-words) and/or full paper (APA format, maximum 25-pages) online via the submissions tab of the Conference website: by January 15, 2019 

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