Eventor is a free conference app for both iOS and Android. Through the app, you can access up-to-the-minute information about the conference agenda, pick sessions you want to attend, see venue maps, and get news and updates from the conference hosts. Please make sure you use the Eventor app with this logo.

Click the QR button, top right (circled)

Once you have downloaded onto your phone or device from the App Store/Play Store and installed the app, click on the QR icon top right between the magnifying glass and the “MORE”

This will bring up your device’s camera in QR scanner mode. Point it at the QR code below to automatically connect you with the conference

Once you have connected with the event, it will appear under “My Events” (as shown). Clicking on the event will take you to the schedule overview, where you can select events to add to your personal agenda. The tray in the top left corner will pull down to give access to maps and other key information.

If you cannot access via the QR code for any reason, click the MORE, then the search icon and search for “WCA ABC 2019” and then press the green button at the bottom right of screen — when it turns to a tick, the conference will appear under “My Events.”

Once you are connected, you just need to click on the conference name to access the full schedule. From here, you can select sessions to add to your personalized agenda, see venue maps, and get the latest notifications from the conference organizers. If you are offline, the app will show the most recent version of the schedule.

Click on any of these events for more information
and to add it to your personal schedule

The three parallel bars at the top open out to reveal more information about the program, speakers, and general conference information