Submit a Paper

WCA ABC 2019 uses Conftool for the submission and reviewing process.  Conftool allows you to manage your own submission and provides a central portal to track the progress of papers.

Full papers will need to be saved as a PDF file for uploading.  Abstracts will not require a separate file upload but can be directly entered into the system.  You can also use Conftool to request a visa support letter.  Please use the registration page to register and pay to attend the conference.

Ready to submit? Proceed to Conftool

How to use Conftools

      Setting up your account (first log-in only)

The first time you use Conftool, you will need to create an account.  This account will allow you to return to your submission.  Click on the link above, and on the first page you start by clicking Create account and submit contribution (highlighted in image below).

You will then be asked to provide information about yourself.  Fields marked with an asterix* are required.  You can return to edit this page at any time, but please use a current email address as all submission and reviewing information will be emailed to this address. 

If you require a visa letter to support travel to NZ, you can request one here, and will be asked to include some passport information. Information about NZ Visas can be found here.  You can complete this step without submitting a paper, or if you are a co-author on a paper already submitted — just ensure you save your user data.

You can also set your password.  Passwords must have at least five (5) characters. They must include at least one letter (a–z) and one number (0–9). Passwords are case sensitive.  You will also need to accept the data privacy agreement (which you can read in full below).

Click Submit user data to create your account and proceed into Conftool.

  Uploading and managing submissions

Using the Your submissions tab you can upload and manage your submissions up until the submission cutoff date (15 January 2019).

You can choose to submit either an abstract submission or a full paper submission, and manage previously uploaded submissions.  

For both types of submission, you will be asked to select one or more relevant topics, as well as providing keywords.  You can also list any co-authors and their contact details and affiliations (even if they are not registered with Conftool) and they will also receive notification as to the progress of the submission.

Abstracts are 150 words, and can be entered in directly (text field box).  You will then proceed to the next page where you have a chance to review your abstract before clicking on submit.

For full papers, you will be asked to enter in the abstract, topic and keyword information on the first page.  On the second page, you will be able to save submission as draft, and when ready can upload your PDF before clicking submit.

For all submission types, if you do not click submit on the second page you have not submitted.  You will receive a confirmation email from WCA ABC 2019 Organizers .  If you have not received confirmation within 24 hours, please contact the program chair.

You can come back to Conftool at any time via the link above and use your login credentials to revise and edit your submission before 15 January 2019.

  Reviews and acceptances

You will receive an email via the system when reviewing results are released, and you can also view these via the Your Submission tab once the results are released.  


If you are ready to register for the conference, please proceed to the Registration page for information on pricing tiers and the payment portal.

Data Privacy Agreement
In order to use the ConfTool system, you will create a user account with your personal details. Your user data, your actions and the results of your actions will be stored within the system.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Data
Information stored in the ConfTool system will exclusively be used in relation to this event or a subsequent event. Your personal data will only be passed on to third parties if this is necessary for the organization of the event, for billing purposes or for legal reasons (e. g. in the case of an external audit), but it will not be distributed or sold to other parties for other purposes.

Right to Information
Upon request, the organisers of this event will provide you, in writing, with all personal data they have stored about you. You can inquire where the data were collected, to whom they are disclosed and the purposes for which they have been stored.

Privacy Statement
By accepting the privacy agreement you also confirm that you read the privacy statement of the operators of this ConfTool installation.