Kia ora!

In New Zealand, both English and te reo Māori are official spoken languages, and while you are in Wellington, you may hear te reo phrases and mihi (greetings) being used.  To help you understand what someone means by “kia ora!” (hi!), here are some common mihi.

Greetings to one
Tēnā koe (formal), Kia ora (informal)

Greetings to two
Tēnā kōrua (formal), Kia ora kōrua (informal)

Greetings to three or more
Tēnā koutou (formal), Kia ora koutou (informal)

Greetings to a friend
Tēnā koe e hoa (formal), Kia ora e hoa (informal)

Good morning
Ata mārie (formal), mōrena (informal)

Kia ora

Many thanks
Kia ora rawa atu

Ngā mihi

Can I have a coffee please?
He kawhe koa

Aroha mai

All the best
Noho ora mai

See you tomorrow
Hei āpōpō


These sites have more information on speaking and understanding some of the te reo Māori you may hear while visiting New Zealand.